TEC has a long history of test development experience with LabVIEW.

Starting with being on the original Plug and Play Consortium that set up the framework that allowed multiple Software and Hardware manufacturer's products to work together, we have been working with all phases of test engineering.

We worked writing drivers for HP for many years. We helped develop the test software and system that tested ATFLIR (Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infra Red) system on the FA-18B Super Hornet.

While we have experience with Test Stand, we find that customers do not like paying the hefty licensing required on each tester. We have developed a state machine system that allows you to have all the control that Test Stand gives you, plus many other features such as run until fail, then loop on test, or the capability to jump directly to a specific test and have the system perform all the initialization required for that specific test.

Our experience is not limited to simply testing products, but we specialize in the ability to guide the user through complex calibration and alignment procedures, such as performing and alignment and calibration on high power RF systems that require dozens of adjustments.

Many of our system have been exported overseas, into factories where English is rarely heard. We have a system that guides operators using pictures with text overlays. The system then can localize the instructions to the locale. This makes sure that the EXACT same code is run, no matter the location.

The systems we develop allow test parameters to be loaded from a controlled source, and the test results reported along with the test parameters for security reasons. We commonly generate XML, text, Excel, and SQL destinations for the data.

We also write customized process control tools for the QA departments.

We have experience in 6 Sigma, and perform MSA's on our systems prior to their release.